About Us

Credit Cars, a family owned business, has been serving beautiful Central Florida for over 40 years in the same location at 4500 W. Colonial Drive.

We have had the opportunity to help thousands of individuals and families start, build and rebuild their credit. We are committed to the success of our customers.

Have you found it difficult to start your credit? Itís hard to get credit if you donít have credit, so how do you get credit? Credit Cars has a first time buyers program to help you get started. We report to the Credit Bureau and before you know it youíll have established yourself some of the most important credit you can have, car credit!

We help people who may have had an unfortunate experience in their life such as job loss, divorce or even bankruptcy. We can help you get back on your feet, fix your credit and provide you with great transportation, fully inspected by trained technicians, backed by a warranty and over 100 years of employee experience.

If you need a really great vehicle come see us. Every car is purchased, inspected and backed by the owner. Trained technicians service and inspect every vehicle prior to the sale and vehicles that do not meet our standards are sent to be wholesaled.

So, for your success come see us at Credit Cars.

Our History

Hey thanks for taking the time to find out about us. We are a family owned dealership that has been doing business in the same location for over 40 years! In 1961 Johnnie Lanier came to Orlando to sell car washing machines. He made a call on Williams Brothers, a local auto dealer, the manager wasnít interested in purchasing a car wash but he was interested in hiring Johnnie to sell cars for him.

Johnnie sold cars for Williams Brothers for a couple of years and thought, hey, I think I can do this for myself. So he did! He gathered up all his money and then borrowed $2,000.00 from his uncle and started a used car lot called Pine Hills Auto Sales. He started selling a few cars and before long he was able to pay his uncle back and proceeded to open two more car lots. The new stores were called Auto Liquidators also located on West Colonial Dr and Credit Cars located on Old Winter Garden Road.

A few years later all the finance companies that purchased his deals stopped lending money. So sales became slow and the only way to sell cars was to finance them himself. He then closed Pine Hills Auto Sales and moved Credit Cars to our current location at 4500 West Colonial Dr in beautiful Orlando.

For over 40 years we have continued to help the fine folks of Central Florida start, repair and build their credit. We continued to finance our own cars and provide fine vehicles to all our customers.

So come on by and join our family and be a part of Central Florida history!